Ultimate Camping Hammock

Ultimate Camping Hammock

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There is no better feeling than hiking on an adventurous trail with a relaxation machine you don't even know is there. Chances are if you landed on our camping and hiking hammocks page, you want to learn how to become a backcountry hammock.

Why are hammocks becoming more popular than tents for camping?
  1. Camping Hammocks are super lightweight, typically 3lbs lighter than most tents!
  2. Nylon Parachute Hammocks pack down extremely small and take up no room in your pack (grapefruit size) [Pro tip] some folks even tie them to their shorts or the outside of their backpack. 
  3. Unlike a tent ⛺️, you don't need to search for perfectly even ground with no rocks, sticks, bugs, snakes, scorpions. You can set up your camping hammock anywhere you can find 2 trees 10' - 15' apart. 
  4. Easier set up and take down than a tent, with no knot tree straps setting up your hammock has never been easier!
  5. Camping hammocks are among the most comfortable things in the universe, right next to cuddling puppies.

For those in the cold temperatures, you should look into under quilts that will insulate you from freezing temperatures.